Flexinodes is a fast and modern cryptocurrency that can be mined using PoW, PoS and has masternodes. It is the first cryptocurrency providing flexible Masternodes – Masternode holders who get rewards for stabilizing and securing the network can freely chose the MN collateral.

Flexinodes Masternode system:

The MN owner can freely chose what MN collateral he wants to use. It is limited to min 10000 and max 2 600 000 coins per node so that MN holders cannot get too much power.

MN reward formula: (coinsPerBlock) x (yourMNCollateral / 10000 ) ** MN rewards are calculated in steps of 10k collateral coins.

Block rewards:

1st month: 4 Coins per block.

After that: 2 Coins per block – halving ever year.

How to Setup a Flexinode